agile solutions for the creative economy

agile solutions for the creative economy

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Agile Development & Consulting

We provide agile solutions to the software development process that will increase your chances of success.

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Agile Training

We provide agile training through our brand, Improv Agility, which uses improvisational theater exercises designed to enhance your agile skill set.

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"We are passionate about providing agile consulting, training and development for the 21st century creative economy."

J. Robie WoodPresident

Improv Agility - Improvisational Training for Agile Skill Development

Improv Agility is a showVALUE brand about Being Agile.
“Being Agile” includes the ability to: Engage by inspiring, communicating and collaborating, Explore by becoming a great lifelong learner, Resolve Issues by navigating ambiguity and paradox, Adapt by being open to change and understanding the change process.
(Jim Highsmith, 2014)

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